Guitar Setups / Electronics

We have over 20 years of experience with guitar setups and other maintenance work. Setups generally start at $40 plus the cost of strings & parts. We can install pickups, jacks, change parts and take care of your instrument’s needs.

More extensive work can be accomodated if you have a damaged instrument and we make assessments and can issue you an estimate.

We also have fast turnaround times if you need it done quickly for upcoming gigs, recording, etc.

Music AMplifiers / effects pedals

Common Beat services & repairs vintage amplifiers as well as new ones. We can accomodate tube amplifiers as well as solid state. Since vintage tube amps can require a bit more work, we recommend diagnosis of the internal components before getting into retubing the amp, etc.

We are also able to service and repair guitar effect pedals.

Contact us with any questions.

Turntables / Stereo Service

From vintage players on up to modern direct drive and DJ models, we have you covered. Tune up jobs generally run around $50-60 plus parts on more basic models. We keep a full stock of styli available for your record player as well.

For Technics 1200’s please refer to our page for those.

We also service vintage stereo receivers, amps, and speakers. Have a inquiry on an old piece of gear? Please contact us!

P.A. Equipment / DJ Equipment

We can handle lighter PA and DJ repair work as well. We are able to work on speaker cabinets, DJ Mixers, and other related equipment.

This kind of equipment is taken in on a case by case basis.